The Writer’s Life: Hob-Nobbing with Authors at RWA 2013

I had a blast at the 2013 Romance Writers of America Conference in Atlanta last week, hobnobbing with romance authors, signing my FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS, dining with one of my favorite book bloggers, moderating and participating on a panel with my literary agent, Natasha Kern, and volunteering at the Rita Awards ceremony. But my […]

Death Threats, Fatwas, and Feminism: Looking Back at “The Jewel of Medina”

IF YOU WRITE THAT, I’LL KILL YOU Posted on March 17, 2013by colinfalconer So, religion. Is it about God or is it about women’s rights? source: Sherry Jones Egypt’s Moslem Brotherhood recently spoke out against a UN declaration on women’s rights, saying it could “destroy society” by allowing a woman to travel, work and use contraception without her husband’s approval. […]

Actress Bonnie Somerville’s Top Historical Fiction Picks

How wonderful for any author to find her book listed as among anyone’s favorites! I’ve been dancing a jig ever since seeing the new issue of Dujour Magazine, in which actress Bonnie Somerville lists her favorite historical fiction books. Here’s the article, released on the same day as the debut of acclaimed author Nancy Bilyeau’s […]

“The Jewel of Medina”: Censorship, Islam, and the Historical Fiction Way

WHEN DO WE START BURNING BOOKS? Posted on March 2, 2013by colinfalconer Here’s a question for you: what kind of books should we burn? Mein Kampf? The Satanic Verses? Harry Potter? (Yes, it’s happened.) I have just finished reading The Jewel of Medina,  Sherry Jones’ best-selling novel about the Prophet Muhammad’s child bride Aisha. I thought Sherry courageous to take on […]

For Me, Beyonce’s Crotch Stole the Show

I seem to be the only person in America not exulting over Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime performance featuring Beyonce’s Crotch. What? You thought it was the performer herself on the stage? Technically that is true, but, thanks to her costume’s design, the choreography, and some inventive camera angles employed during the much-lauded song-and-dance, it was […]

Five ‘Middlebrow’ Writers, One Excellent Blog

I am so delighted with the blog Mirabile Dictu‘s review of FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS that I’ve copied it to share with you here. I first learned about this blog, which used to be called Frisbee: A Book Journal, from Trish Hoard, my good friend whom I met when she edited THE SWORD OF MEDINA […]

Whom Would Jesus Kill? A Post for the New Year

Maybe it was my New Year’s Resolution to exercise more compassion, to get my ego, as the priestess at Burning Man 2010 put it, out of my love flow. I’ve long thought that I lacked a facility for true empathy — due, perhaps, to my years on the police beat in suburban Philadelphia. After two […]

My “Next Big Thing”: Heloise and Abelard

I’ve been tagged in The Next Big Thing by fellow writer David Ebsworth (website: and main blog on Goodreads: whose first novel, The Jacobites’ Apprentice, was nominated UK Indie Editor’s Choice for the Historical Novel Society Indie Review. Thanks to David for including me in this series of blog posts by authors answering […]