“Jewel of Medina” coming to Sweden

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I am pleased to announce that I have recently accepted an offer from Stockholm publisher Earbooks for Swedish rights to “The Jewel of Medina.” This is the newest deal cut by our Scandinavian agent Phillip Sane of the Lennart Sane Agency, who promises more publishing opportunities in the near future. “Jewel’s” German publisher, Pendo Verlag, already holds German distribution rights in Sweden.

The contract, on which the ink is barely dry, adds Sweden to a list of 20 publishers, including Beaufort Books of New York, the book’s U.S. publisher, which launched the book Oct. 6. The book is also available in Germany, where it was published Nov. 2; Italy, where Newton Compton published it Oct. 16, Serbia, where Beobook published it in mid-August, withdrew it, then re-published it Sept. 14 (and where it was the number-one best seller for two months); and Denmark, where Pressto Kommunikation published it Nov. 27. In Spain, Ediciones B plans to debut the novel Feb. 4, 2009.

Publication is pending in Hungary, Russia, Greece, Macedonia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Romania, Albania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, and Bulgaria.

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  1. Dear Sherry ..
    I am from saudia arabia , i am muslim but i can’t speak english very good but i can understand
    i want for you to visit the website http://www.islamreligion.com/ to learn more about islam
    you’r story contained many errors that we Muslims do not endorse
    We love and appreciate Aa’ishah We know that our women and their great influence in our lives as Muslims .
    I hope to revisit this story and the use of Muslims to understand the emotions that affect us when one speaks of the women of our Prophet Muhammad, God’s blessings and peace be upon him .
    In conclusion, I accept my point of view and with my love and respect .
    aziz mohammad

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