• A woman's power lies in her beauty. For years, Blanche de Castille, the White Queen of France, has lived by this maxim—passed on by her grandmother, Eléonore d'Aquitaine, as she took the girl to marry King Louis VIII. When her husband dies unexpectedly, however, Blanche finds that beauty is not enough to hold, and command, a kingdom against usurpers eager to wrest the Crown from her woman's grasp. Faced with an English invasion, barons' uprisings, and slanderous rumors...READ MORE

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    Dear Reader,
    When did you learn to read?

    I learned at my mother’s knee when I was four, and I’ve been an avid book lover ever since. As a child I read widely and indiscriminately — the Trixie Belden mystery series, all the Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little House” books, Archie comics — and by the second grade I knew I wanted to be a novelist. “If you ever write a book,” a teacher said to me that year, “keep your real name so I’ll know it’s you.”

    But I was also a lover of music from an early age. When I was in the sixth grade, I began the piano lessons I’d wanted since age six, and dreamt of being a concert pianist someday. I never realized that dream – although I still play – because, as much as I love music, I live to write.

    As a teen, I wrote poems and short stories on my electric typewriter and wrote humorous articles for the South Lenoir High School newspaper in North Carolina. I also kept a copious, angst-filled journal. And I continued to read: Jane Austen, “A Tale of Two Cities,” Jerzy Kosinski, the Bible, “Catcher in the Rye,” Ray Bradbury (‘Dandelion Wine”), Victoria Holt, William Faulkner, Eudora Welty.

    Although I was valedictorian of my high school class, I delayed college, uncertain about which path my life should take. Should I study journalism and write for a living, or should I take the practical path to success through engineering? Then I landed a typist’s job at my local newspaper, the Kinston, N.C. Daily Free Press. In weeks my editor discovered that I couldn’t type, and I convinced him to give me a reporting job. My future as a writer was sealed….READ MORE

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    Goodreads Giveaway of FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS comes to an end on April 30...READ MORE

    Pre-order FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS with Amazon or Barnes and Noble, send a copy of your receipt to sherry@authorsherryjones.com, and be eligible to win an e-reader. Contest ends May 7!...READ MORE

    Read the review of FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS in the Feb 2012 issue of Historical Novels Review...READ MORE

    RT Book Review gives its highest rating -- four stars out of a possible four -- to FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS...READ MORE

    Library Journal gives FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS a rave review, calling it "entertaining," "well written," and "fascinating": http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2012/04/books/fiction/xpress-reviews-fiction-first-look-at-new-books-april-13-2012/#_ READ MORE

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    NYC at Lady Jane's Salon: 7-9 p.m. in Madame X, 94 West Houston Street... READ MORE


    Sherry gives the Graduation Speech at Lenoir Community College in her hometown of Kinston, N.C... READ MORE


    Sherry speaks to students at South Lenoir High School, her alma mater, in Deep Run, N.C... READ MORE

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    "Four Sisters, All Queens draws the reader into the intrigue and drama of the courts of 13th century Europe, delightfully evoking the rich details and vivid personalities of a fascinating era. A feast for fans of historical fiction!”
    -Gillian Bagwell, author of The Darling Strumpet and The September Queen

    "Sherry Jones bursts onto the medieval scene with this enthralling tale of four royal sisters vying for power. Engrossing and vividly rendered, the intrigue and splendor of 13th century Europe are brought to life through the voices of these disparate women, each destined to take the throne and find herself in a dangerous struggle for dominance against her own kin. Family politics, forbidden passion, and heartbreaking sacrifice create a mesmerizing tableau of what it meant to be a queen."
    -C.W. Gortner, author of The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

    "The power of these four sisters, these intriguing women, commands every page as does Sherry Jones's exquisite and well-crafted narrative. Their particular experiences, so finely conveyed, offers a distinct glimpse into the full landscape of thirteenth century Europe and the influence of its women."
    -Donna Russo Morin, The King's Agent

    "In Four Sisters, All Queens, Sherry Jones tells an extraordinary story of four extraordinary women, all with royal destinies. In elegant but lively prose, she brings their triumphs and struggles to life."
    -Susan Higginbotham, author of Her Highness, the Traitor

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