The Sharp Hook of Love

A Tale of Abelard and Heloise

Coming Oct. 6, 2014!

Among the young women of 12th century Paris, Heloise d’Argenteuil stands apart. Extraordinarily educated and quick-witted, she is being groomed by her uncle to become an abbess in the service of God.

But with one encounter, her destiny changes forever. Pierre Abelard, headmaster at the Nôtre Dame Cloister School, is acclaimed as one of the greatest philosophers in France. LEARN MORE

Four Sisters, All Queens

From the award-winning author of the controversial international bestseller The Jewel of Medina, a historical novel that chronicles the lives of four sisters, all daughters of Beatrice of Provence—all of whom became queens in medieval Europe.

When Beatrice of Savoy, countess of Provence, sends her four beautiful, accomplished daughters to become queens, she admonishes them: Family comes first. As a result… LEARN MORE

White Heart

Cold. Hard. Calculating. Blanche de Castille was the quintessential evil mother-in-law. In “Four Sisters, All Queens,” she’s the nemesis of the sweet tempered and intelligent Marguerite and a mother creepily devoted to her eldest son. And yet … like most of us, Blanche wasn’t all bad. She was noted for her charity — even criticized for giving too much to the poor. She loved her husband, the King of France, and fainted when she learned he’d died. And she was the strongest and most powerful queen France ever had. LEARN MORE

The Sword of Medina

A’isha, the youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad, charmed him with her wit and intelligence, eventually earning the confidence and respect of her husband and the community. When Muhammad dies without a successor, A’isha and her sister wives are devastated with grief and struggle in their new roles as Mothers of the Believers without his presence. Even worse, the Muslim community is thrown into turmoil as a Bedouin army threatens its very survival. LEARN MORE

The Jewel of Medina

Born Aisha bint Abi Bakr in seventh century Arabia, she would become the favorite wife of the Prophet Muhammad, and one of the most revered women in the Muslim faith. Married at the age of nine, The Jewel of Medina illuminates the difficult path Aisha confronted, from her youthful dreams of becoming a Bedouin warrior, to her life as the beloved wife and confident of the founder of Islam. LEARN MORE

Josephine Baker’s Last Dance

Josephine Baker, the early-20th-century African-American dancer, comic, and singer–hugely famous in Paris. Did you know that she was also a spy for the French Resistance during WWII? LEARN MORE