“The Jewel of Medina”: Censorship, Islam, and the Historical Fiction Way

WHEN DO WE START BURNING BOOKS? Posted on March 2, 2013by colinfalconer Here’s a question for you: what kind of books should we burn? Mein Kampf? The Satanic Verses? Harry Potter? (Yes, it’s happened.) I have just finished reading The Jewel of Medina,  Sherry Jones’ best-selling novel about the Prophet Muhammad’s child bride Aisha. I thought Sherry courageous to take on […]

What ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ and THE JEWEL OF MEDINA Have in Common

That attack last month on the Libyan consulate and the terrible murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens? The riots and demonstrations against the anti-Islam video “The Innocence of Muslims?” It’s exactly what the higher-ups at Random House feared would happen over THE JEWEL OF MEDINA. It’s why they backed out of publishing it. “Riots in […]

Does fear conquer all?

Dear Reader, “Aren’t you scared?” I get asked this question all the time, most recently in the wake of the news that three radical extremist Muslim men conspired to set fire to the home office of Gibson Square, the London publisher that had been set to publish “The Jewel of Medina” last October. The full […]