No laughing matter: “Index on Censorship” censors itself

Where are the heroes? Now that Index on Censorship has failed us, where in the UK and America can we turn for defense of this most precious of freedoms

Does fear conquer all?

Dear Reader, “Aren’t you scared?” I get asked this question all the time, most recently in the wake of the news that three radical extremist Muslim men conspired to set fire to the home office of Gibson Square, the London publisher that had been set to publish “The Jewel of Medina” last October. The full […]

In Denmark: Talking about free speech

Every cloud, the saying goes, has a silver lining. And so it goes with “The Jewel of Medina,” being yanked out of publication by Random House, the world’s largest English-language publisher, just months before it was scheduled to appear on bookshelves in the U.S., then being the subject of threats in Serbia and an attack […]

In defense of PEN

Dear Reader, It was surprising to read that Lorraine Adams, author of today’s review of THE JEWEL OF MEDINA in the New York Times, has a journalism background. Good reporters check their facts before they publish, but in this case Ms. Adams has dropped the proverbial ball. First she tells the reader that my book […]